Question Video: Subtracting Numbers up to 999 Mathematics • 2nd Grade

Find the difference between 824 and 174.


Video Transcript

Find the difference between 824 and 174.

The word difference here tells us we need to subtract 824 minus 174. We start the subtraction in the units place all the way on the right. Four minus four equals zero.

Next, we move to our tens place. Two tens minus seven tens is not possible. We need to borrow from our hundreds place. If we take 100 away from 800, we’ll have 7 hundreds.

And then we take the hundred we took and turn it into 10 tens. Instead of having two tens, we now have 12 tens. 12 minus seven equals five. Now to the hundreds place, the seven remaining hundreds minus one equals six. The difference between 824 and 174 is 650.

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