Question Video: Finding the Intersection of Disjoint Sets on Venn Diagrams Mathematics

Using the Venn diagram below, find ๐‘‹ โˆฉ ๐‘Œ.


Video Transcript

Using the Venn diagram below, find the intersection of ๐‘‹ and ๐‘Œ.

So this symbol that looks like an upside-down U is called an intersection. And the intersection of two sets contains all of the elements that are shared in both of the sets. So looking at our Venn diagram, our sets of ๐‘‹ and ๐‘Œ actually donโ€™t overlap at all.

In a Venn diagram, this middle part where they overlap is where their intersection would be found. And we can see that our sets donโ€™t overlap. But why donโ€™t they overlap? Well, ๐‘‹ has elements eight, three, seven, and five. Set ๐‘Œ has elements four, two, and six.

So do they share any of the same elements? They donโ€™t. This is why they donโ€™t overlap. Which means the intersection of ๐‘‹ and ๐‘Œ would be the empty set, also known as the null set because there are no elements in it.

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