Question Video: Identifying Fossil Fuels Physics

Which of the following are fossil fuels? [A] Coal [B] Uranium [C] Oil [D] Natural gas [E] Plutonium.


Video Transcript

Which of the following are fossil fuels? a) Coal, b) uranium, c) oil, d) natural gas, e) plutonium.

Okay, so from the following list, we have to figure out which ones are fossil fuels. Now, if we look at b and e, in particular, uranium and plutonium, we can recall that these two are actually elements and they’re used in nuclear reactors. Both of these can undergo nuclear fission in order to produce energy. However, they are not fossil fuels.

Fossil fuels actually form due to the fossilization — surprise, surprise — of organisms that have died after millions of years ago. Uranium and plutonium do not form this way. However, coal, oil, and natural gas do form this way.

And therefore, from this list, we can say that coal, oil, and natural gas are fossil fuels.

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