Question Video: Subtracting Zero Mathematics • 1st Grade

What is 9 − 0?


Video Transcript

What is nine take away zero?

We know that the number zero stands for nothing. But what happens when we take away nothing from another number? This question asks us, what happens when we take away zero or nothing from nine? Let’s model this number sentence. Perhaps we could use a ten frame.

Now, the first number in our subtraction is nine. So let’s represent this by putting nine counters on our ten frame. Now, we don’t need to count these out. Nine is only one less than 10. So we need to almost fill our ten frame, just leave one space. Here are our nine counters. And in our subtraction, we’re told to subtract or take away zero. So let’s pick up the number of counters that we’re told to subtract.

Here we go. Watch the counters. Done. Of course, if we take away zero, we’ve taken away nothing. We didn’t need to pick up any counters at all. When we subtract zero from a number, that number will stay the same. And so if we subtract zero from nine, the answer is going to be the same as the number we started with. The answer’s nine. Nine take away zero leaves us with all of the amount we started with. The answer is nine.

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