Video: KS2-M16S • Paper 1 • Question 18

1.52 × 6 = _.


Video Transcript

1.52 multiplied by six equals what?

One way to calculate the answer would be to partition 1.52 into its three parts and then multiply each part by six. The one digit in 1.52 is worth one one, which is one. The five digit is worth five tenths or 0.5, which is also the same as a half, which may come in handy later. And the two digit represents two hundredths. One times six is six. 0.5 or a half times six is three. And 0.02 multiplied by six equals 0.12.

Now we just need to add each part together. Six and three is nine. Nine plus 0.12 equals 9.12. We could also use the standard written method to help us calculate the answer. Six times two is 12. We can write the two and exchange the one. Five times six is 30, plus the one we exchanged makes 31. And six times one plus the three we exchanged makes nine. So we get the same answer, 9.12.

We used two different strategies to find the answer. First, we used partitioning. We partitioned the number into each of its parts then multiplied each part by six. We could also use a written method of multiplication. Both methods give us the same answer. 1.52 multiplied by six is 9.12.

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