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Question Video: Adding Two Whole Numbers Mathematics

1774 + 3726 = _.


Video Transcript

1774 plus 3726 equals the missing number.

We should calculate the answer using column addition. And we can use a place value chart to help. So let’s write our first number one, 1774, which has four ones. So we write four in the ones place. We have seven tens, seven hundreds, and we’re going to add 3726 which has six ones, two tens, seven hundreds, and three thousands.

We start by adding in the ones column. Four plus six is 10. So we can write the zero in the ones. And we have to write the 10 in the tens column to remind us to add it later. Next, we move into the tens column. Seven plus two is nine. But we also have one that we carried from the ones column. Nine plus one makes 10.

Again we write the zero and carry the one over to the next column. Now we move into the hundreds column. Seven plus seven is 14 plus the one we carried from the tens column, which makes 15. We can write our five in its place and then carry the one to the next column on the left.

Then we move into the thousands column. Three plus one is four. And we also have to add the one we carried from the hundreds column. Four plus one makes five. So we have five in the thousands column. 1774 plus 3726 equals 5500. We calculated our answer using column addition.

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