Video: KS2-M19 • Paper 1 • Question 14

25.34 × 10 = _.


Video Transcript

25.34 multiplied by 10 equals what.

When we multiply a number by 10, each of its digits become worth 10 times as much. We can show this using a place value grid. The number 25.34 contains two tens, five ones, three-tenths, and four hundredths. Let’s think about the two tens to start with. We know that 10 times 10 equals 100. So two tens multiplied by 10 equals two hundreds. Notice how the digit two is shifted one place to the left. This is what happens when we multiply by 10.

In the number 25.34, the digit five represents five ones. But when those five ones are multiplied by 10, they become worth five tens or 50. So once again, we can see that the digit is shifted one place to the left.

Let’s do the same with the other two digits in the number. When multiplied by 10, three-tenths become worth three ones. And four hundredths shift one place to become worth four-tenths. We found the answer by shifting each of the digits in 25.34 one place to the left.

25.34 multiplied by 10 equals 253.4.

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