Question Video: Gluon Symbol Physics • 9th Grade

Which of the following symbols represents a gluon? [A] G [B] 𝛾 [C] 𝛤 [D] g [E] y


Video Transcript

Which of the following symbols represents a gluon? Uppercase G, lowercase 𝛾, uppercase 𝛤, lowercase g, lowercase y.

Okay, to answer this question, we can be helped by remembering that a gluon is part of a class of particles called bosons. Specifically, it’s one of the four bosons that are known as force carriers. These are bosons that particles exchange so that forces can be experienced between the particles. The force carrier bosons are the photon, the gluon, the W boson, and the Z boson.

We want to know which of these five symbols is typically used to represent the gluon. A photon, we know, is represented by the symbol 𝛾. And so we can cross off option (B) on our list. The W boson consists of a particle and antiparticle pair represented with a capital W and a plus and a minus sign superscript. And a Z boson is represented by a capital Z with a zero superscript. None of these last three symbols appear on our list. So we’re not able to cancel out any more options.

To answer this question, we’ll simply need to recall that a gluon is represented by a lowercase g. We do see that symbol on our list as option (D). And so our answer is that a lowercase g is the symbol that represents a gluon.

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