Question Video: Counting by Tens to Add on a Blank Number Line Mathematics • 1st Grade

Use a number line to find 50 more than 22. Hint: count in tens


Video Transcript

Use a number line to find 50 more than 22. Hint: Count in 10s.

In this question, we have to use the number line to find 50 more than 22. And we’re told to count in 10s. The number 22 has already been marked on the number line. 22 is a two-digit number. It has two 10s and two ones. We’re adding 50 to the number 22. The number 50 is a multiple of 10. There are five 10s in the number 50 and no ones. 22 has two 10s. And we have to add five more 10s. 10, 20, 30, 40, 50.

Did you notice what happened to the two digits as we counted forward five 10s on the number line? 22, 32, 42, 52, 62, 72. The tens digit increased, but the ones digit stayed the same. We had two 10s, and we counted forward five more 10s. Two plus five is seven, so two 10s plus five 10s is seven 10s. The tens digit increased by five. 50 more than 22 is 72. We started at number 22 on the number line, and we counted forward in 10s. 22 and five more 10s is 72.

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