Question Video: Subtracting Two Numbers up to 999 Mathematics • 2nd Grade

Subtract 335 from 401.


Video Transcript

Subtract 335 from 401.

Let’s use column subtraction to help calculate the answer. We need to be careful to make sure that we get the numbers in the equation the right way round. Remember, we’re subtracting 335 from 401.

So the first number must be 401. We start in the ones column. We need to subtract five from one. Since five is greater than one, we’re going to need to regroup.

That means we need to take one from the tens digit and bring it over into the ones place. But we have a problem. There’s nothing in the tens place. So now we need to move over into the hundreds column to take one from the hundreds to give to the tens.

So we take our one from the hundreds column and move it over into the tens column. Now we can take one from the tens and put it over into the ones column. We’ve taken one. So now there are nine in the tens place. And we move this one into the ones column.

Now we can start from the beginning again. 11 subtract five is six. Now we can move into the tens column. Nine minus three is six. Finally moving into the hundreds column, we need to subtract three from three, which leaves us with zero.

We don’t read this number zero when we’re saying the number because the answer is 66. The answer is 66. We subtracted 335 from 401 using column subtraction.

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