Video: KS1-M18 • Paper 1 • Question 4

18 − 8 = _.


Video Transcript

18 take away eight equals what?

This symbol means that we have to take away or subtract eight from 18. 18 is the same as one ten and eight ones. Look how the number we need to take away is eight ones too. Watch what happens when we take away eight ones from the eight ones we already have. We’re left with no ones. Eight ones take away eight ones leaves us with zero ones.

But we still have one ten left. Our answer contains one ten and zero ones, which equals 10. We know that 10 add eight equals 18. So if we take away eight from 18, we’re left with 10. 18 take away eight equals 10. We can count back eight from 18. Or we can simply see that we already have eight ones in the number 18. And if we take away those eight ones, we’re left with one ten. 18 take away eight equals 10.

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