Video: Comparing Sets—Greater Than, Less Than or Equal To

Count the carrots. Which group has the greatest number of carrots?


Video Transcript

Count the carrots. Which group has the greatest number of carrots?

In the picture, we can see two groups of carrots. And we know that we need to compare them because we’re asked, which group has the greatest number of carrots? In other words, which group has more carrots than the other one? How are we going to find the answer? Well, we’re told how to do so in the first sentence. We’re told to count the carrots. So, let’s do that. And as we count each number, we could put a counter on a 10-frame. 10-frames can be a useful way to help us to compare numbers and to represent them. Let’s begin by counting our first group of carrots then. We can see one, two, three, four, five carrots in the first group. If we look at our 10-frame, the number five is shown by one full row of counters.

Now, how many counters are in our second group of carrots? One, two, three, four, five, six. Our second group of carrots contains six carrots. Look how the number six is represented on a 10-frame. We have one full row of counters, just like before, but we also have another counter underneath. Six counters are more than five counters. This means we know that six carrots are more than five carrots. Six is more than five. Five is less than six. And so, the group that has the greatest number of carrots is the one that contains six carrots.

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