Video: Converting Decimals to Fractions

Convert 0.42 to a fraction.


Video Transcript

Convert 0.42 to a fraction.

Well, 0.42, if we consider the place value of each of those digits, the zero is in the ones column, the four is in the 10ths column, and the two is in the 100ths column. So we could construe this as meaning four 10ths plus two 100ths.

And in order to get a common denominator, we’re going to need to multiply the first fraction by 10 over 10. And 10 times four is 40. And 10 times 10 is 100. So four 10ths is the same as 40 100ths, which means we’ve got forty 100ths plus two 100ths, which is equal to 42 100ths. Or we might recognize straight away that the last digit is in the 100ths column. So we can just read this number off here as 42 100ths.

Either way, we can write down the equivalent fraction as 42 over 100. So we have converted it to a fraction. But usually in these sort of things, they’re gonna want you to convert it to its simplest form. And 42 and 100 are both divisible by two. And twos into 42 go 21 times. And twos into 100 go 50 times. So we’ve got 21 over 50. Now 21 and 50 don’t have any common factors bigger than one. So that’s as simple as it goes. The answer is 21 over 50.

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