Video: Addition of Two Algebraic Expressions

Simplify (𝑧² + 5) + (2𝑧² + 2).


Video Transcript

Simplify 𝑧 squared plus five plus two 𝑧 squared plus two.

As we’re just adding the two terms, we can remove the brackets, or parentheses. Once we have done this, we need to group, or collect, the like terms. We need to add 𝑧 squared and two 𝑧 squared. This is equal to three 𝑧 squared. Note that the exponent, or power, does not change. We simply add one lot of 𝑧 squared to two lots of 𝑧 squared, giving us three 𝑧 squared.

We also need to collect, or group, the constant terms. We have positive five and positive two. Five plus two is equal to seven. So, this is the second term in our simplified expression. The expression 𝑧 squared plus five plus two 𝑧 squared plus two simplifies to three 𝑧 squared plus seven.

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