Question Video: Multiplying a Three-Digit Number by a Two-Digit Number Mathematics • 5th Grade

Calculate 347 × 76.


Video Transcript

Calculate 347 times 76.

Okay, I’m going to give us a little piece of graph paper to help keep our numbers in line. Then, we copy down our problem: 347 times 76. We’ll start by multiplying our six in the ones place on the bottom by the ones, tens, and hundreds place of 347. We’ll start here by saying six times seven. Six times seven is 42. We place the two under the six and we carry the four and write it just above the tens place.

From here, we need to multiply our six in the ones place times four in the tens place. Six times four is 24, but we can’t forget that four that’s waiting there. Six times four is 24 and then we add four, so 25, 26, 27, 28. We can cross out that four, since we’ve already added it, bring down the eight from our 28, and carry over the two.

From there, we’ll multiply our six times the three in the hundreds place. Six times three is 18. We can’t forget that two that’s been carried over, which makes the 18, 19, 20. So we said 18 plus two. Now, we have 20, which we’ll write in this line. We’re finished with the two. We multiplied six by each digit in the 347, and now that’s finished.

From here, we’ll have to multiply each digit from the 347 by seven. Starting with this seven, we need to multiply seven times seven. Seven times seven is 49. We bring down our nine and carry our four. From here, we’ll multiply seven times four. Seven times four is 28, but we have this carried four, which we need to add to our 28. 28 plus four is 32. Bring down the two, carry the three.

We’re finished with that four that we carried over and we’ll do our final multiplication here: seven times three. Seven times three is 21. We have this three that we’ve carried over, which we need to add to 21. 21 plus three is 24, and we copy down our 24.

Now that we finished multiplying, we’ll need to add. Two plus zero equals two; eight plus nine equals 17. So we bring down our 17, carry the one. One plus zero plus two equals three; two plus four equals six. We have nothing to add to this two. So we just bring that down to give us our final answer of 26372. 347 times 76 equals 26372.

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