Question Video: Determining the Range of a Function Written in the Listing Method Mathematics

Given that 𝑓: 𝑋 → 𝑌, 𝑋 = {−9, −6, −5}, 𝑌 = {3, 4, 6, 9}, and 𝑓 = {(−9, 4), (−6, 4), (−5, 9)}, write the range of the function as a set.


Video Transcript

Given that 𝑓 is a function that maps 𝑋 to 𝑌, where 𝑋 is the set of negative nine negative six negative five and 𝑌 is the set of three, four, six, and nine and 𝑓 is the function with ordered pairs of negative nine four, negative six four, and negative five nine. Write the range of the function as a set.

The range of a function are the 𝑌 values. Here we have our function. And the 𝑌 values are four, four, and nine, and we only need to write four once even though it was repeated.

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