Question Video: Adding Different Coins to Find How Many Piasters There Are in Total Mathematics



Video Transcript


In this question, we have to add together these three amounts of coins to find the total number of piastres. There are two one-pound coins. We know that one pound is worth 100 piastres, so two pound coins are worth 200 piastres. Next, we need to add our three 50-piastre coins. 50 plus 50 is 100. 100 plus 50 is 150. Now we need to add all three 25-piastre coins. 25 plus 25 is 50. 50 plus 25 is 75.

Let’s use a number line to help us add 200, 150, and 75. 200 plus 100 takes us to 300, and 50 more takes us to 350. We’ve added our first two groups of coins. Now what we need to do is add 75. Let’s partition our 75 into 50 and 25. 50 more than 350 is 400. Now we just need to add our 25. 400 plus 25 takes us to 425. If we add together two one-pound coins plus three 50-piastre coins plus three 25-piastre coins, the total number of piastres is 425.

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