Video: Subtracting Algebraic Expressions

Subtract 19𝑦 + 18𝑥 from 23𝑥 − 24𝑦.


Video Transcript

Subtract 19𝑦 plus 18𝑥 from 23𝑥 minus 24𝑦.

Writing this as one expression gives us 23𝑥 minus 24𝑦 minus 19𝑦 plus 18𝑥. Grouping the 𝑥 terms gives us 23𝑥 minus positive 18𝑥. 23𝑥 minus 18𝑥 is equal to five 𝑥. Simplifying or grouping the 𝑦 terms gives us negative 24𝑦 minus 19𝑦. This is equal to negative 43𝑦.

Therefore, the answer when we subtract 19𝑦 plus 18𝑥 from 23𝑥 minus 24𝑦 is equal to five 𝑥 minus 43𝑦.

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