Question Video: Converting Lengths from Meters to Centimeters Mathematics

Write in centimeters: 8 meters and 5 centimeters.


Video Transcript

Write in centimeters: eight meters and five centimeters.

In this question, we’re given a measurement. Now we might think at first glance that this looks like two measurements because not only can we see a number of meters, but also some centimeters too. But this is one single measurement. It just means slightly more than eight meters, eight meters and five centimeters. Now at the moment, this measurement has been written, as we’ve said already, in meters and also centimeters. But we can convert this measurement so that we write it just in centimeters, which is exactly what this question asks us to do. To help us, we can split up or partition eight meters five centimeters. And we can split it into eight meters and five centimeters.

Now our question asks us to write the whole measurement in centimeters. And at the moment, part of it already is in centimeters, so we can ignore this for a moment. Let’s concentrate on the part that isn’t in centimeters. How can we convert eight meters into centimeters? Is there a fact we can use to help us? We know that one meter is the same as 100 centimeters, and so eight meters must be the same as eight lots of 100 centimeters or 800 centimeters. Now that we’ve converted our number of meters into centimeters, both parts are written in centimeters. So we just need to add the two parts back together again. 800 centimeters plus another five centimeters equals 805 centimeters. We can write eight meters and five centimeters in centimeters as 805 centimeters.

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