Video: Recognizing Hundreds as Bundles of 10 Tens

Find the correct way to describe 900. [A] 900 bundles of 10 tens [B] 9 bundles of ones [C] 90 bundles of 10 tens [D] 9 bundles of 10 tens


Video Transcript

Find the correct way to describe 900. 900 bundles of 10 tens, nine bundles of ones, 90 bundles of 10 tens, or nine bundles of 10 tens.

We know that we can write the number 900 using digits with a nine followed by two zeros. But there’re lots of other ways to represent 900. And in this question, we’re thinking about a way to represent 900 that involves bundles, bundles of ones or tens. One of our possible answers involves bundles of ones. And the remaining answers don’t just mention bundles of tens but actually bundles of 10 tens. So, let’s think about how we can describe 900 using bundles. And what is a bundle anyway?

While a bundle is just a group of something, let’s deal with the bundles of ones to begin with. A bundle or a group of one is simply worth one. And so, if we have nine bundles that looked like this, we have nine bundles of ones. We have a value of nine. This is not the same as 900 and so this choice is not correct. Now, as we’ve said already, our remaining answers involve bundles of 10 tens.

But before we look at these, let’s think about what one 10 is worth. A bundle, or a group that contains only one 10, has a value of 10. And so, if we’re thinking about a bundle of 10 tens, it would look like this. But what is this bundle worth? 10, 20, 30, 40, 50, 60, 70, 80, 90, 100. 10 tens are the same as 100. So, each time we see the phrase bundles of 10 tens, we could simply think of 100s.

What’s the correct way, then, to describe 900? 900 100s, 90 100s, or nine 100s? We know that when we write the number 900, we put a nine in the hundreds place. This shows that it’s made up of nine 100s. As we’ve seen already, 100 is the same as a bundle of 10 tens. And so, we can say that the correct way to describe 900 is as nine bundles of 10 tens.

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