Question Video: Converting Masses between Tonnes and Kilograms to Compare Mathematics

Is it true that 67 tonnes = 67000 kg?


Video Transcript

Is it true that 67 tonnes is equal to 67000 kilograms?

One metric ton is equal to 1000 kilograms. So to decide whether or not this statement is true, let’s make sure both numbers are either in tonnes or kilograms. Let’s go ahead and make both numbers in kilograms. So we need to convert 67 tonnes to be in kilograms.

So if there are 1000 kilograms in one metric ton, how many would be in 67? Well, we will need to multiply 1000 kilograms by 67. And we find that it is equal to 67000 kilograms. So let’s go ahead and replace 67 tonnes with 67000 kilograms. So is it true that 67000 kilograms is equal to 67000 kilograms? And the answer is yes.

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