Question Video: Converting from Square Yards to Square Feet Mathematics

Fill in the blanks: 3 yd² = _ ft²


Video Transcript

Fill in the blank: Three square yards equals what square feet.

In this question, we need to convert an area square yards into an area of square feet. And we know that they’re areas because the units are squared and not just yards, for example, or feet. We can recall that in one yard, there are three feet. Let’s see if we can change this conversion of lengths into a conversion for areas.

Let’s imagine that we have a square of length one yard. To find the area of this square, we would multiply the length by the length, giving us one times one, which we could evaluate as one. So, we know that the area here is one square yard. But let’s imagine then, instead of measuring our length in yards, we wrote it in feet. And since we know that in one yard, there’s three feet, we could also write our length as three feet.

And since both lengths in our square are the same, this means that the length on the other side is also three feet. So, working out the area of our square in feet, this would be the same as saying three times three, which is nine square feet. So, this means that we’ve worked out a conversion for our areas. One square yard is equal to nine square feet. And we can use this conversion to help us answer the question.

If we have three square yards, that’s the same as three lots of one square yard. So, to find our answer in square feet, we can say that that’s the same as three lots of nine, which is 27. So, our answer is three square yards is the same as 27 square feet.

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