Video: KS2-M18 • Paper 1 • Question 7

7,064 − 502 = _.


Video Transcript

7064 take away 502 equals what?

To make this calculation easier, we could partition 502 into 500 and two. Then we can take away each part from 7064. We know that 7000 take away 500 is 6500. So 7064 take away 500 must be 6564. We’ve taken away the 500. Now we just need to take away two from 6564.

We’ve calculated the answer mentally. We could also find the answer using column subtraction. Four ones take away two ones is two. Six tens take away no tens is six. In the hundreds column, we have no hundreds and we need to take away five. So we can take 1000 from the thousands column and exchange it for 10 hundreds.

Now we can calculate 10 hundreds take away five hundreds, which gives us a total of five. And in the thousands column, we have six and there’s nothing to take from it.

7064 take away 502 is 6562. We found two ways to calculate the answer. First, we calculated mentally using partitioning. And secondly, we used column subtraction. Both gave us the same answer 6562.

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