Question Video: Counting and Comparing Money Mathematics

Complete using =, >, or <.


Video Transcript

Complete using the symbol for is equal to, is greater than, or is less than.

Can you see where our missing symbol belongs? It’s in between one, two groups of money. And we’re going to have to find the total of each group to be able to compare them. Perhaps you spotted that we were going to need to find some totals by these little addition symbols that’re in between the notes and the coins.

To start with, let’s look at our first group. We can see that this group contains both notes and coins. And they all have a value of a different amount of pounds. Can you spot them? Firstly, we’ve got a 200-pound note. Then we have three notes that are worth all the same amount, 10 pounds. And each of these four coins are worth one pound. So what is 200 plus three lots of 10 plus four lots of one? Let’s use a number line to help us. And rather than starting from zero, we could start from our first note, 200. Now to add our three 10-pound notes, we could skip count in 10s three times. 210, 220, 230.

Now finally, we could add our four one-pound coins one at a time, but it might be a bit quicker just to add four all in one go. 230 plus four is 234. The total of our notes and coins on the left is 234 pounds.

Now let’s look at the amount of money on the right. This time, we haven’t got any coins to add. Our first two notes are worth 100 pounds each. Then there are four 10-pound notes and two five-pound notes. This time, the value of our largest note is 100 pounds. So let’s start counting from there. And we can begin by adding our second 100-pound note. That takes us to 200. Now we’ve got four 10-pound notes to add, so let’s skip count in 10s four times. 210, 220, 230, 240.

Finally, we need to add our two five-pound notes, so we’re going to skip count in fives twice. 245, 250. So our first group was worth 234 pounds, but our second group has been worth 250 pounds. And we know that 234 is less than 250. So the value of our first group of notes and coins is less than the value of the second. The correct symbol we need to use to compare these two groups of money is less than.

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