Question Video: Identifying the Shape of the Base of a Given Figure and the Figure Itself Mathematics • 5th Grade

For the figure below, identify the shape of the base(s). Then, classify the figure.


Video Transcript

For the figure below, identify the shape of the base or bases. Then, classify the figure.

Here, we can see that we have one base. And this base has one, two, three, four, five sides. So since the base has five sides, its base would be a pentagon.

Now, it says to classify the figure. So would this be a pyramid or a prism? A pyramid will have one base and a prism will have two bases. So right from here, we know that we must have a pyramid. And a pyramid comes to a peak, just like we have here. Therefore, we have a pentagonal pyramid.

So to answer our question, the shape of the base is a pentagon. And the classification of this figure would be a pentagonal pyramid.

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