Question Video: Writing the Decimal Number That Matches a Given Model Mathematics • 4th Grade

Write a decimal to match the given model.


Video Transcript

Write a decimal to match the given model.

The model that our question is talking about is this shape here. It’s being divided into parts, and some of them have been shaded. Now, we might know how to describe this model using words, maybe even as a fraction. But our question asks us to write a decimal that matches the model.

Now, we know that a decimal is a type of number written using digits that has a whole part and then a part that shows less than a whole. It’s a way of showing amounts that are less than a whole. And to separate the whole part and the fractional part, we draw a dot, a decimal point. Now, before we write this as a decimal, perhaps it might be useful to think about what fraction we can see. Firstly, we can see that this shape has been divided into 10 equal parts. And it’s important that we can see that they are equal. This means that the denominator of our fraction is 10. And in this model, seven of those 10 parts have been shaded. So the numerator for our fraction is seven. Seven out of 10 parts are shaded. And we’d say this using words as seven-tenths.

Now that we know how many tenths our model shows, we can write the amount as a decimal. The whole part is going to be zero because we don’t have any whole shapes that have been shaded. It’s only part of a shape. Now, the column after the decimal point, this is the fractional part of our decimal, is worth tenths. And we know that our model shows seven-tenths. So we’re going to need to write the digit seven in the tenths place. We found the answer by first working out how many tenths our model shows and then by using this information to write the amount as a decimal. The correct answer is seven-tenths, which we write with a zero, a decimal point, and then the digit seven.

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