Question Video: Multiplying a Two-Digit Number by a Multidigit Number

Evaluate the expression without using a calculator.


Video Transcript

Evaluate the expression without using a calculator.

The expression here says 4812 times 13. In evaluating an expression like this, we start in the bottom right corner and we multiply that value here, the three, by whatever is in the ones place. we have three times two equals six.

From there we move to the tens place. Place we’re still multiplying by three and we say three times one equals three in the hundreds place. We have three times eight three times eight equals 24. We write down our four, and we carry the two. From there, we multiply three times what’s in the thousands place three times four equals 12, but we need to add the two that we carried over.

Three times four is 12 plus two equals 14. We’re finished with our first round of multiplication. From there, we move on to the one that’s in the tens place of our second value. And we multiply one times two. One times two equals two. And we copy down the two directly below the one that we were multiplying.

Next, one multiply one times one. One times one is one. One times eight equals eight. One times four equals four. That finishes all of our multiplication. From there, we take these two partial products and add them together. Six plus zero equals six. Three plus two equals five. Four plus one equals five. Four plus eight equals 12.

Write down our two carrier one one plus one plus four equals six 4812 times 13 equals 62556.

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