Question Video: Expressing Numbers in Expanded Form Using Digits Mathematics

Write the sum of 5000 + 800 + 20 + 7 in digit form.


Video Transcript

Write the sum of 5000 plus 800 plus 20 plus seven in digit form.

This question might look like it’s just an addition. But in fact, what we have here is a four-digit number written in expanded form. Expanded form is where a number’s place value is separated out and written as an addition. We can see that, in our addition, we have a number of thousands, a number of hundreds, a number of tens, and a number of ones. So if we put those thousands, hundreds, tens, and ones together by adding them, we should end up with a four-digit number that contains thousands, hundreds, tens, and ones.

Let’s start with the first number in our addition. We know the number 5000 can be represented by a five in the thousands place. Our next number that we need to add is 800. 800 represented as a digit is as eight in the hundreds place. Now, we need to add 20. 20 has a value of two tens, and so we write the digit two in the tens place. And finally, our addition shows a number of ones. Seven ones can be represented by the digit seven in the ones place. We’ve taken a number that was written in expanded form. We’ve added the thousands, the hundreds, the tens, and the ones together. And we’ve written that number in digit form. The sum of 5000 plus 800 plus 20 plus seven can be written as 5827.

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