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Question Video: Adding Integers Mathematics • 7th Grade

Find the value of [5 + (−26)].


Video Transcript

Find the value of five plus negative 26.

In this problem, we’re trying to sum two values, in which one is positive and one is negative. The process for solving problems Like these: first, we find the difference between the two numerical values. After that, we assign the difference — the sign associated with the numerically greater of the two values.

We can break it down step by step and solve it together. Step one: we want to know the difference between the two. So we subtract five from 26 which equals 21. Now, we’re ready for step two. We have to choose whether this value is positive or negative. To do that, we find which is numerically greater of the two values, which has the highest absolute value? 26 has the larger absolute value and 26 is negative. That means that our final answer is negative.

Five plus negative 26 equals negative 21.

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