Video: Verifying the Belonging of an Element to a Set

Use ∈ or βˆ‰ to fill in the gap: 𝑗 οΌΏ {𝑙, 𝑦, π‘Ž}.


Video Transcript

Use ∈ or βˆ‰ to fill in the gap. 𝑗 either is an element or is not an element in the set 𝑙, 𝑦, π‘Ž.

We have two different options here. The first one is an element and the second one is not an element. Which means, we need to answer the question: is 𝑗 an element of the set 𝑙, 𝑦, π‘Ž? No, 𝑗 is not part of this set because it’s not listed. And that means we fill in our blank with βˆ‰.

𝑗 is not an element, is not contained in the set 𝑙, 𝑦, π‘Ž.

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