Question Video: Subtracting Two Multidigit Numbers Mathematics

Complete the expression. 3600462 − 2342205 = _.


Video Transcript

Complete the expression.

3600462 minus 2342205.

When we’re working with this kind of subtraction, we start all the way on the right with the smallest units — the units place. And this place says two minus five. But because we can’t take away five from two, we’ll need to borrow from this six in the tens place. We’ll make six tens, five tens, and then we’ll have 12 ones. Now, we say 12 minus five equals seven.

And then, we can move on to the tens place, where we’ll say five minus zero equals five. Moving one place value to the left in the hundreds place, four minus two equals two. In the thousands place, we have zero minus two. We can’t take two from zero. So we need to borrow. However, in our ten thousands place, there is also a zero, which means there’s nothing to borrow from. So what we’re going to do is we’re going to take the hundred thousands and the ten thousands place together.

There are 60 ten thousands. And if we take one from 60, we will have 59. And then, we can carry over the one which makes the thousands place 10 minus two. 10 minus two equals eight. In the ten thousands place, we now have a nine. Nine minus four equals five. Move one place value to the left in the hundred thousands place, five minus three equals two.

And our last subtraction problem comes from the millions — three million minus two million. Three minus two equals one.

Our completed expression here is 1258257.

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