Question Video: Adding Three-Digit Numbers to Two-Digit Numbers Mathematics • 2nd Grade

Calculate 676 + 99.


Video Transcript

Calculate 676 plus 99.

First, we wanna line up these two values vertically, making sure the units place lines up, the tens place lines up, and the hundreds place lines up. After that, we’re ready to add.

Starting all the way on the right, we add the units place together. Six plus nine equals 15. We write down our five in the units place and then carry our one. Now, we have an additional one in the tens place. So we add one plus seven plus nine.

I know that one plus nine is 10. If I add seven to that, I’ll get 17. We write down our seven in the tens place and carry our one. In the hundreds place, we have one plus six plus zero. That adds up to seven. Seven hundreds, seven tens, and five ones equals 775.

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