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Video: Making Your First Studio Video

In this video, we’re going to take a first look at how to use Nagwa Studio.


Video Transcript

In this video, we’re going to take a first look at how to use Nagwa Studio. It’s a fantastic way to harness your whiteboard to tell a dynamic story or teach a lesson, and our innovative video processing methods produce small and efficient video files even for very long videos. We’ll give you a guided tour of the tools and see how easy it is to make a great-looking video of your own.

When you open up the Nagwa Studio app for the first time, you’ll be asked to sign in using your Nagwa login ID e-mail address and your Nagwa password. Type these in, and tap the “Sign In” button.

You’ll be presented with the whiteboard screen, which gives you the canvas on which you build your video.

To help you write straight and line everything up, tap the “Choose a Background” button, and choose one of the options. These background templates only appear on the screen as a guide while you’re working and won’t appear in the finished video.

There are six different-colored pens and an eraser, each available in five different sizes.

You can use these to produce colorfully annotated screens with writing and detailed drawings.

You can also import pictures and screenshots from your camera roll, in either JPEG or PNG format. Simply tap the “Import Picture” button and select a picture from your photos. Resize using the pinch and spread gestures, and drag to wherever you want on the whiteboard. Tap the tick to complete the import or the cross to cancel it.

It’s a great idea to prepare your whiteboard before you start recording. This means your audience doesn’t have to watch you write everything down, and you can keep your videos nice and pacey without the need for later editing. We call this a pause period, because recording is paused. Anything you write, draw, or import to the screen during a pause period will instantly appear to the viewer in the finished video. Anything you say during a pause period won’t be recorded.

When you’re ready to do some talking and live capture of the whiteboard, simply tap the orange microphone button. Anything you say or write now is recorded for your video, so we call this a recording period. A message will pop up at the start of your first recording period reminding you that you can record videos that are up to 60 minutes in length. This message won’t appear in the finished video. Notice how the slider moves along the timeline at the bottom of the screen during a recording period and how the orange microphone button changes to a red pause button.

Tap the pause button to end the recording period and start the next pause period. Now you can do more writing and drawing on the screen ready to talk about in the next recording period. Keep working your way through your video like this. Write and draw something on the screen in a pause period, then talk about it and do a bit of live annotation in the recording period.

The “Undo” button lets you undo your last actions. You can undo writing or erasing actions, as long as you undo them in the same recording or pause period that you did them. Picture imports can only be done in pause periods, and they can be undone in the same period.

The refresh button is available during pause periods, and it completely clears the screen in one go, so you can quickly start a fresh page on your whiteboard without having to rub everything out.

After you’ve captured your first recording period, the “Audio Review” button lights up. This enables you to listen to what you just recorded. Tap the “Audio Review” button and you’ll notice that it turns orange, and the timeline at the bottom of the screen changes to a sound wave. You’re now in audio review mode. Tap the “Play” button in the bottom left hand corner to hear what you just recorded. You can use the “Previous” and “Next” buttons on either side of “Play” to go backward and forward through your recording periods, and use the “Play” button to listen to them. When you finish listening, simply tap the orange “Audio Review” button to get back to the regular whiteboard and carry on making your video.

If you make a mistake during a recording period, for example, you say the wrong thing, it’s just a matter of tapping “Pause” then hitting the “Rewind” button to go back to the start of the period. A pop-up message asks if you’re sure you want to rewind (you can’t undo a rewind, so think carefully before tapping “Yes”!). Now you can have another go at saying what you wanted to say by pressing “Record”.

In fact, the “Rewind” button works on recording and pause periods – it removes whatever you’ve done in that whole period and rewinds you back to the start of the period so you can have another go. This can be much quicker than tapping “Undo” lots of times to get rid of a lot of actions. If it's all gone horribly wrong, you can abandon your video altogether using the “Trash” button.

When you’ve finished all your recording, you’re ready to save and upload your video. Tap the “Save” button and type in a meaningful name. It’s best just to stick to letters, numbers, and spaces for your video names. A message saying “Video saved successfully” will appear. Tap “OK” to dismiss the message, and you’re ready to make your next video.

If you tap the “Videos Tab” button, you can see what videos you’ve saved on your iPad. Nagwa Studio sends your video file to our servers so it can be processed into a watchable video format and shared with your students via your portal. While this processing is happening, a message saying “Your video is being processed and will be available here shortly” appears above your video. When processing is complete, a thumbnail for your video will replace the message, and you will be able to tap it and watch it.

Why not watch some of our other help videos to find out how to share your video with your students via your portal or to get some hints and tips on how to improve your video-making skills.

Nagwa Studio, a great way to make and share beautiful educational videos with your students.

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