Question Video: Evaluating Linear Functions

Find the value of ๐‘“(5) given the function ๐‘“(๐‘ฅ) = 8๐‘ฅ + 4.


Video Transcript

Find the value of ๐‘“ of five given the function ๐‘“ of ๐‘ฅ equals eight ๐‘ฅ plus four.

๐‘“ of five means weโ€™re plugging five into our function. So we will be replacing ๐‘ฅ with five. So instead of eight ๐‘ฅ plus four, itโ€™s eight times five plus four. So we need to multiply before we add by following the order of operations. So eight times five is 40 and 40 plus four is equal to 44. So this will be our final answer.

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