Question Video: Counting Objects up to 10

Show the same number of oranges by drawing dots.


Video Transcript

Show the same number of oranges by drawing dots.

We’re shown an amount of oranges. We have to count the oranges to find out how many they are. Then we have to choose the group of dots which shows the same amount of oranges. Let’s start by counting the oranges. One, two, three, four, five, six, seven.

Which of the three group of dots shows the number seven? Let’s count how many dots there are in the first group. The dots have been arranged in groups of two. Here’s two, four. And one more makes five. There are seven oranges. So this is not the correct group of dots. Let’s count the second group of dots. Two, four, six. And one more makes seven. We have seven oranges. And this group has seven dots. There are seven dots in this group and seven oranges.

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