Question Video: Distinguishing between Inequalities, Equations, and Expressions

What can you say about 7𝑥 = 28? [A] It is an inequality [B] It is neither an equation nor an inequality [C] It is an equation.


Video Transcript

What can you say about seven 𝑥 equals 28? A) It is an inequality, B) it is neither an equation nor an inequality, or C) it is an equation.

So is seven 𝑥 equals 28? For this question, the important piece is the equal sign. Since there’s an equal sign, it’s an equation. If it had an inequality symbol, which could be a less than symbol, a less than or equal to symbol, greater than, or greater than or equal to, these would be inequalities.

Now for B, it says it’s neither an equation nor inequality. That could possibly mean that it’s an expression. It’s just eight 𝑥. There is no equal sign. There’s no inequality sign. So again, what can we say about seven 𝑥 equals 28? It is an equation.

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