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Video: Nagwa Engage for Educators

In this video, we will give you an overview of the Nagwa Engage for Educators app.


Video Transcript

In this video, we will give you an overview of the Nagwa Engage for Educators app.

Nagwa Engage provides you, as an educator, with the ability to quickly and easily gauge the progress of your students by sending them real-time questions that can be answered using their mobile devices. Their answers are then automatically collated and reported back to you, instantly.

You will then see an outline of the proportion of students who answered the question correctly and the proportion of students who answered incorrectly. You can then be informed of whether a concept has been well understood or needs to be covered in more depth.

As a member of Nagwa Portals, you gain full access to the Nagwa Engage platform, and you can create question sets that can be saved and then sent to your students in a Nagwa Engage session.

To get started, head to the App Store or Google Play Store, search for “Nagwa Engage for Educators” and download the app.

Once downloaded, you will need to sign in to the app using your educator credentials. Once signed in, you’re ready to create your first question set!

Click on “Question Sets” on the navigation bar, and then click the plus button in the bottom-right corner.

Now, you’ll need to give the question set a title (for future reference), for example, “Angle Relationships”; then select the subject, in our case “Mathematics”; and then select the grade, in our case “First Year of Preparatory School”.

Now, you can either browse the lessons in the course associated with that grade or you can search using the search icon in the top-right corner. We’ll search using the course. So, we can expand the course, and we’ll find the “Angle Relationships” lesson under the “Geometry and Measurement” chapter.

You can then browse all of the multiple-choice questions associated with this lesson, and this includes any questions that you personally have written and added to the lesson. Note that any free-response questions will be excluded from the list as these cannot be automatically graded and, therefore, would be difficult to use as polling questions.

Select the questions that you’d like to add to your question set (and note that you can take questions from multiple lessons), and once you are happy, press “Done” for the particular lesson that you are on, go back to the lesson browsing page, and then click “Finish”.

You now have two options: creating the question set or creating and assigning the question set. If you create it, it will save the list of questions to be assigned in an Engage session at a later point. We’ll click “Create and Assign”.

Now you’ll need to set the details of the Engage session, including its start date and time and an approximate duration. The duration is flexible, as the session will not immediately expire when the duration is reached, but it’s helpful to set this in line with the length of a particular class.

Finally, select the class that you would like to use the Engage question set with (and tweak the students if necessary) and then click “Send”.

You’ll then be able to start the Engage session.

Once you start the session, your students will be able to join from the students app. When you’re ready, you can send a question through by clicking “Send”.

Your students will then see the question appear in their app and they will be asked to select the answer to the question. Once the students select their answer, you will instantly see which options they have selected.

Once you are ready to reveal the correct answer to your students, click “Time Up” and they will be shown the correct answer. You can then move on to the next question in the question set.

Nagwa Engage is the perfect companion in a classroom environment to gauge your students’ progress in a particular topic. If they all answer a question correctly, you can move on, confident that the topic has been understood. However, if some of your students do not answer a question correctly, you will know that more time needs to be spent on the associated topic.

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