Question Video: Determining the Place Value of a Digit in a Number

What is the place value of the 4 in 321467?


Video Transcript

What is the place value of the four in 321467?

To solve this problem, let’s use a place value chart. Starting at the place furthest to the right, we put a U for units. From there, we move one to the left and we add a T for the tens place. To the left again, we add an H for our hundreds place. From there, let’s look at this top box. What do you think would go here?

The next three values will all be thousands. And within the thousands, there will be units, ten thousands, and hundred thousands. Now we can use this place value chart to find out the place value of the four.

We line up the number that our problem gave us with our place value chart. Then we can see the four. The four is in the hundreds place. What is the place value of the four in 321467? Hundreds.

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