Question Video: Recognizing the Number of Edges of 2D Shapes

True or False: Shape A and Shape B have the same number of sides.


Video Transcript

True or false? Shape A and shape B have the same number of sides.

Underneath the question, we can see pictures of two shapes. And both of these shapes have been made from straight lines. We call these straight lines the sides of the shape. Our question is made up of a statement which tells us that shape A and shape B have the same number of sides. In other words, these 2D shapes are made up of the same number of straight lines.

But this statement might not be correct. We need to decide whether it’s true or false. To make sure that we count all the sides of a shape and also that we only count each one once, let’s trace over them as we count them. Let’s start from here on shape A, which is made up of one, two, three, four sides. We can say shape A is a four-sided shape.

Now, let’s trace over the sides of shape B. We’ll start from this bottom corner. There are one, two, three, four sides again. Although shape 𝐵 is a different sort of shape to shape A, it’s still a shape with four sides. We’ve counted the number of sides that make up each shape. And we can see that they’re both the same. The statement in the question is true.

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