Question Video: Comparing between Masses

Which is the heaviest? [A] The car [B] The aeroplane [C] The bicycle.


Video Transcript

Which is the heaviest? The car, the aeroplane, or the bicycle.

This is a tricky question. We know the bicycle probably weighs the least. We could say it’s the lightest of the three different types of vehicle. We could push our bicycle along or we could lift it up. We couldn’t lift a car or an aeroplane. So, we know which is the lightest.

Which do you think is heaviest, a car or an aeroplane? Well, we know that a car can usually seat four or five people. We can fit lots more people than that on an aeroplane. In fact, we can fit hundreds of people on an aeroplane. So, we can say that the aeroplane is the heaviest.

An aeroplane is heavier than a car, and it’s heavier than a bicycle. So, the aeroplane is the heaviest.

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