Question Video: Multiplying by 9 Mathematics • 3rd Grade

Complete the table.


Video Transcript

Complete the table. Multiply by nine.

In this table, there are two rows that have a missing number in them. These are the numbers that we need to find. But the final row in our table is already complete. And this gives us a clue as to how to find the missing numbers. We can see the heading of the table is multiply by nine. And when we look at the bottom row of our table, we can see how this works. We take the number in the first column, multiply it by nine, and write the answer in the second column. So we can see our missing numbers are going to be the answer to two times nine and to three times nine. Let’s go through our nine times table to find the missing numbers.

One times nine equals nine. We know two nines are the same as nine plus nine. This is 18. 18 plus 10 would be 28. So 18 plus one less than 10 or nine must be one less than 28. Three nines are 27. Of course, we can see in our final row four nines are 36. So we can use these facts then to help us to complete the table. Two multiplied by nine equals 18. And three multiplied by nine equals 27.

We’ve completed the table using nine times table’s facts. Two lots of nine is 18. And three lots of nine is 27. So our two missing numbers, from top to bottom, are 18 and 27.

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