Question Video: Applying the Distributive Property Involving Multiplication by 100

Fill in the blank: 400 = (3 × 100) + (_ × 100).


Video Transcript

Fill in the blank: 400 equals three times 100 plus blank times 100.

For this equation, we have 400 set equal to 300 times 100 plus something else times 100. We know that three times 100 equals 300. And we also know in order to have 400, we need to add 100 to 300, which means we would want to multiply one by 100.

This is because we have a factor of 100 in both of these terms. If we removed the factor of 100, we would have 100 times three plus one. And 100 times four would equal 400. Since this question has only asked us to fill in the blank, we just need to add a one. 400 is equal to three times 100 plus one times 100.

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