Question Video: Multiplying by 2 Using Repeated Addition Method Mathematics • 3rd Grade

Fill in the blank: 2 × 3 = _.


Video Transcript

Fill in the blank: Two times three equals what.

In this question, we’re given a multiplication fact to complete. Now, when you see this fact, what do you think? Perhaps you think of the number two repeated three times. Or perhaps you think of it as two lots of three. Maybe you know this fact already, but what could we do if we don’t? We could skip count along the number line to help us.

Now, we did say that one way we could think about this multiplication is as two repeated three times or three lots of two. So, let’s try this method. We’ll start at zero, and we’ll skip count in twos three times. Zero, two, four, six. Skip counting twos three times, we reach the number six. And just to show that we found the correct answer, let’s try the other method. Let’s skip count two lots of three, zero, three, six. Whether we think of this calculation as three lots of two or two lots of three, we’ll still get the same answer. Two times three equals six.

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