Question Video: Dividing Two Fractions with Different Denominators

How many eighths are there in 1/2?


Video Transcript

How many eighths are there in one-half?

Well, in order to answer this question, we need to divide one-half by one-eighth. We will firstly look at this pictorially. If we consider the two squares, the first has been split into halves as there are two equal pieces. The second square has been split into eighths as there are eight equal pieces. How many of the eighths are equal to one-half?

Well, looking at the second diagram, it is clear that there are four-eighths in one-half. Therefore, our answer is four. An alternative method would have been to have divided one-half by one-eighth. Well, dividing by one-eighth is the same as multiplying by eight as there are eight-eighths in one whole one. One-half multiplied by eight or half of eight is equal to four. Therefore, once again, we can see that there are four-eighths in one-half.

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