Question Video: Determining the Value a Digit Holds in a Given Number

What value does the 3 represent in the number 63285?


Video Transcript

Let’s read our question. What value does the three represent in the number six three two eight five.

I didn’t read the number correctly because I don’t want to give away the answer just yet. Let’s circle the keywords and the key numbers in this question to help us work out what we need to do. So I’ve circled value, three, represent, and the number that we’ve been given, six three two eight five.

When a question asks us the value of a digit or what it represents in a number, it’s asking us how much the digit is worth in the number. So this question is asking us how much the three digit is worth. We can use a place value chart to help us answer this question.

The first thing we need to think about is how many digits does this number have. And if we count them, we can see it has five. Therefore, the place value chart has five columns: ten thousands, thousands, hundreds, tens, and ones.

Now let’s write our number into the place value chart. We’ll start with the ones. And there are five ones, which we’ve written into the ones column. Now let’s do the tens digit. And there are eight. Now it’s the hundreds digit. And there are two.

Now I’m going to do the thousands digit. And this is the important one because remember the question asks how much is this three worth. We can see there are three in the thousands column. And our last digit is six, which we write in the ten thousands column. So now we have our number, 63285.

So the question asked us what’s the value of the three digit in this number. Now we can see the three is in the thousands column, which means it’s worth 3000. So to answer the question what value does the three represent in the number 63285, the answer is 3000.

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