Question Video: Finding the Reciprocal of a Given Fraction in the Simplest Form Mathematics • 6th Grade

What is the reciprocal of 15/14? Give your answer in its simplest form.


Video Transcript

What is the reciprocal of 15 fourteenths? Give your answer in its simplest form.

The reciprocal of any number is one divided by the number. In this case, we need to divide one by 15 fourteenths. When we are dividing by fractions we need to change the sign and flip. One divided by 15 fourteenths is the same as one multiplied by 14 fifteenths. If we multiply any number by one, it stays the same.

Therefore, one multiplied by 14 fifteenths is equal to 14 fifteenths. The reciprocal of 15 fourteenths is 14 fifteenths. A simple rule to remember when dealing with fractions is to get the reciprocal we just turn it upside down. The numerator becomes the denominator, and the denominator becomes the numerator.

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