Question Video: Recognizing the Shape of Nonunit Fractions for Halves, Thirds, and Quarters

Pick the shape with three-quarters shaded.


Video Transcript

Pick the shape with three-quarters shaded.

In this question, we’re thinking about quarters. Now, we know that quarters are part of a whole amount, when one whole has been split into four equal parts. Now, if we look at the circles that are in this picture, we can see that each one of them has been split into four equal parts. There’s a quick way to find quarters. And that’s to split a circle once down the middle to show halves and then dividing each of those halves into half with a line across the middle, four equal parts or quarters.

Can you see that each of the circles has got black lines to show that it’s been divided in this way? So the first thing that we can say about our possible answers is that they all show quarters. But we’re looking for a shape that has three-quarters that are shaded. Our first shape has one, two parts shaded. This has two-quarters shaded, not three-quarters. Our second shape has one, two, three parts shaded red. Looks like these are the three-quarters we’re looking for.

Let’s just quickly look at the other two shapes because they’re interesting. Our third shape has one out of four equal parts shaded. This is the one you might recognize. It has one-quarter shaded. And our final shape has four parts shaded. That’s four out of the possible four. Four-quarters are shaded. And we know that four-quarters are the same as one whole. We know that when we divide a circle into four equal parts, they’re called quarters. And so the shape that has three-quarters shaded is this circle here. It’s the one where three out of four equal parts are shaded red.

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