Question Video: Using the Properties of 2D Shapes to Solve a Problem

Which shape is flat?


Video Transcript

Which shape is flat?

In this question, we can see a picture of two shapes. And there’s a keyword in our question that we need to understand. We’re asked, which of the two shapes is flat? The blue shape has three sides. That’s how we know it’s a triangle. If we look carefully at our second shape, we can see that it has a curved surface that goes all the way around, a flat surface at one end, and a point at the other. That’s how we know the name of the shape is a cone. So our question’s asking us, which shape out of a triangle and a cone is flat? Well, we know that a cone is a solid shape. We know that ice cream cones and traffic cones are objects, whereas a triangle is a flat shape. It’s not a solid shape. Out of our two shapes, the shape that’s flat is the triangle.

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