Question Video: Subtracting Multiples of Hundred from Three-Digit Numbers

Fill in the blank: 675 − 200 = _.


Video Transcript

Fill in the blank. 675 take away 200 equals what.

In this question, we have to subtract a multiple of 100, which is the number 200, from the number 675, which is a three-digit number. Let’s model our three-digit number using our place value table. 675 has six 100s, seven 10s, and five ones. Let’s model our six 100s using six 100s counters.

Six digit is worth 600. The tens digit is a seven. And seven 10s are worth 70. And our five ones are worth five. Now, we need to subtract 200. The ones digit in the number 200 is a zero. So there’s nothing to subtract in the ones. The tens digit is also a zero, nothing to subtract from the tens. The number 200 has a two in the hundreds place. So we need to subtract two 100s from our six 100s. Six 100s take away two 100s leaves us with four 100s. 675 subtract 200 equals 475. We found the answer using our knowledge of place value.

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