Question Video: Rewriting Expressions Using the Distributive Property

Rewrite the expression 10(47) − 10(5) using the distributive property.


Video Transcript

Rewrite the expression 10 times 47 minus 10 times five using the distributive property.

First, in order to rewrite this expression, you need to remember what the distributive property says. It says 𝑎 times 𝑏 plus 𝑐 is the same thing as saying 𝑎 times 𝑏 plus 𝑎 times 𝑐. In this problem, the 10 has already been distributed to the 47 and the five. We wanna change it so that the 47 and five are being added together before the multiplication happens.

So, first, we’ll take the 47 and the five and put them in a group with parentheses, 47 plus five. And then, we multiply that sum by 10. This is our new expression, 10 times 47 plus five.

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